It is almost 43 years at the end of May 2017 since Mr Don King sold D G King to the current owners and the business became Kings of Witcham Ltd. By the end of May the business will have moved again to the ownership of Mr Paul Atkins the owner of Sutton Coachworks and will relocate to Unit 3 Sterling Place, Elean Business Park, Sutton, Ely, CB6 2QE.
The current managing director Colin Every will retire but all the remaining staff will move with the business to engage in this exciting new phase for the company. Paul has re engaged John Dye, kings much loved former service manager to take over the day to day running of the service operation. The telephone number will remain the same

01353 778403

I’m very pleased to announce that Sutton Coachworks has now taken ownership of Kings of Witcham. Colin will be retiring after many years at the helm. All the staff will be relocating to Unit 3, Sterling Place, Elean Business Park, Sutton Cb6 2QE over the coming weeks and with the help of John Dye we will carry on the great service that Colin and the team have given over the years.
We will all look forward to seeing you and will continue to offer the best service for you and your vehicle in the future.
Paul Atkins

Volvo Services


Servicing is integral to maintain your Vehicle’s performance, safety and reliability so an annual inspection is vital and indeed recommended by the manufacturer. Service intervals are 10,000 miles 12,000 miles or 18,000 miles depending on the year of manufacture of your car and this is given in more detail below. The time interval is always the same and that is annually so it is time or mileage whichever occurs first.

Volvo petrol and diesel models of the same year have the same mileage intervals and the costs for both fuel types are very similar.

Model year cars up to 2000 are 10,000 mile intervals.

Model year cars from 2001 are 12,000 mile intervals.

Model year cars from 2006 are 18,000 mile intervals

There are some slight overlaps and variances on these figures so for example a car registered in late 2005 might be in fact a 2006 model year specification and therefore an 18000 interval car. Equally a car registered in 2001 could be a 2000 model year example and may be a 10,000 interval car.

V50 and S40 models 4 cylinder engines continue until the present time on 12,500 mile intervals but 5 cylinder diesel engines introduced in 2008 went to 18,000 intervals. A telephone call to us will quickly reveal the correct details.

It is impossible in a few lines here to accurately layout all service prices at all mileages however a guide would be most annual services are between £250 and £450 assuming no extra work is required with the exception of those services which require the cam belt to be changed. These occur in almost all cases at 80,000 miles or later, most at 96,000 or 108,000 miles and some as late 144,000 miles. Services that include cam belts tend to really major events and include many items that are not changed at other services so prices for these services are from £720 to £850 depending on model.

Each service at a very minimum includes oil and filter change, replacement pollen filter and a full diagnostic test on the Volvo VIDA system including interrogation of the car’s on board diagnostic system. In addition checks of brake pads and discs, wiper blades, brake fluid level and condition, suspension, steering, fuel system, cooling system and hoses including coolant antifreeze strength are all undertaken. Further tests and checks are carried out on interior and exterior lighting, all internal warning lamps and a tyre condition and tread depth report.

The service book will be stamped and signed by the technician and we will keep a computerised record of the service history of your car. The actual content of each service will vary so please discuss with us the detail needed for your current mileage we do vary the content a little to be sensible about low mileage cars and avoid over servicing, it is however very important not to miss needed items and to keep accurate records which we do.